Branding Brilliance: Elevating Your Merchandise with Creative Decorating Methods

When it comes to decorating promotional products, there are several popular methods used to apply branding, designs, and personalization to corporate merchandise.
At Legacy Branding Co., we continually seek the latest decoration trends to craft unique pieces that distinguish your brand.


Foster brand awareness in Alberta by integrating these popular decoration methods into your upcoming corporate merchandise campaign. Read below for details!




embroiderey machine

Embroidery is ideal for a classic, durable, and sophisticated look. Embroidery involves stitching the design or logo directly onto the merchandise using special embroidery machines. Embroidery creates a professional and durable finish, often used for apparel items like, jackets, hats, bags, and backpacks.



Heat Transfer

heat press machine

Heat transfer involves applying a design or logo onto the merchandise using heat and pressure. It is commonly used for apparel such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, coats & some hard goods. Heat transfer offers versatility in terms of color and detail, allowing for complex designs and gradients to print on merchandise.



Raised Rubber

raised rubber decoration

Raised rubber decoration is a technique used in various industries, such as printing, apparel, and promotional products, to create a three-dimensional or raised design using rubber or similar materials. Raised rubber logos offer a unique and different look to traditional embroidery and adds a tactile and visually appealing dimension to the design, making it stand out.




white, grey, black corkcicle mug lasered

Engraving and lasering is a method used on items made of metal, glass, or wood. It involves etching the design or logo onto the surface using laser technology or traditional engraving tools. Engraving provides a high-quality, permanent finish and is often used for hard good items like pens, drinkware, plaques, or trophies.




Patches & Labels

leather patch, sublimated patch

Leather patches, sublimated patches, and woven labels are types of fabric or material embellishments commonly used for branding, personalization, or decoration purposes on apparel and promotional merchandise. Each type has its unique characteristics and applications. Each of these embellishments has its own set of advantages and best-use scenarios, depending on the brand’s aesthetic, the product’s purpose, and the desired look. The choice between leather patches, sublimated patches, or woven labels will depend on factors such as brand image, budget, intended audience, and the overall design of the product.



Debossing and Embossing

debossed notebook

Debossing and embossing involve creating a raised (embossed) or recessed (debossed) design on the surface of the merchandise, usually using heat and pressure. These methods add a tactile element and are commonly used on items like notebooks, leather goods such as patches, or stationery.




Dye Sublimation

sublimated camo golf towel

Dye sublimation involves transferring a design onto a special coated substrate using heat and pressure. It is commonly used for items like mugs, mousepads, or phone cases. Dye sublimation allows for full-color and photo-quality prints to be transferred onto a product and is known for its durable results.




Pad Printing

pad printed drinkware

Pad printing is used for applying designs or logos onto irregular or curved surfaces, such as pens, golf balls, or small electronics. It involves transferring ink from a silicone pad onto the merchandise. Pad printing offers precise and detailed printing results.



When selecting a decoration method for your corporate merchandise, consider factors such as the type of merchandise, desired durability, level of detail in the design, budget, and brand image. Not sure what’s best for you? No problem! Work with our Brand Specialists to determine which decoration method is best suited for your next promotional marketing campaign and create one-of-a-kind pieces that will help your brand stand out in Central Alberta. Contact us today to get started!




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