Tee Up for the 2023 Golf Season With This Year’s Golf Swag

Are you hosting an event or need a special gift for the golf lover in your life?

We got you!


You don’t need to be a pro for an excuse to look good on the golf course. Whether you’re a seasonal or weekend golfer or perhaps hosting a golf event and need prize giveaways, the Brand Specialists at Legacy Branding Co. are guaranteed to have something to get you ready for the greens.


Read below to see our 8 highly requested golf items that can be branded or customized for this year’s golf season.


High End Golf Attire

If you’ve been to Legacy Branding Co., you know we’ve got no shortage of men’s and ladies’ golf attire. We carry a large selection of recognized golf brands like Nike, Under Armour, Travis Mathew, Cutter & Buck, 2UNDR and

more. Golf attire is no longer something that’s solely found on the greens but is rather becoming more fashionable and increasing popular within the corporate sector. Comfortable, fashionable, and built with performance in mind, these companies offer a variety of apparel that will have your friends doing a double take the next time you step foot on the course… or in the office.





Tee Time

Tee up your brand.  Whether you’re out on the course, practicing at the driving range or need a cost-effective way to incorporate golf swag into your giveaways, golf tees can be a fantastic option. From traditional wooden tees to non-breakable plastic, come chat with one of our Brand Specialists and have them spill the tee.








Branded Golf Balls

Nothing is more frustrating than coming across a ball on a course and wondering if it’s yours. Whether you’re a pro or just like to get out on the weekends with your buddies, nothing will make you look more badass than having your own customized golf balls… the best part, even if you lose one and another golfer finds it, you’ve just scored yourself some free publicity for your company! At Legacy Branding Co., we work with a variety of golf suppliers and can get cost effective balls, all the way up to coveted Titleist Pro V1 balls, and everything in between, so you can feel like the next Tiger Woods the next time you step up to the tee.






Ball Markers

Good news… you found your ball, now it’s time to mark it! A golf accessory we just love and would make a great giveaway are ball markers. Don’t risk getting on the green, just to have your opponent bump your ball simply because it wasn’t marked. Ball markers come in all shapes, sizes and can be customized to your liking. Keep your crackers in the kitchen and hit us up to start designing your ball marker.






Fashionable, Breathable, Stylish Headwear

Remember the days when visors were all the golfers wore… we’ll those days are behind us. While we do love a good visor, that’s not the only headwear options out there. Baseball hats have been worn by those in sports for decades and for good reason. Not only do they look great, but the new styles offer great ventilation -perfect for those hot summer days. Add a creative decoration option and turn heads year-round -on and off the course.








Ever tee’d off, sent the ball down the fairway, looked down and a chunk of grass was flapping in the wind… ya, us too. Introducing the divot tool, a handy little tool that fits snug into pockets and makes a great first tee prize. Divot tools can be fully customized and can be a great way to promote your brand while keeping the golf courses in tip top shape.








Wireless Speakers

As a large percentage of golfers tend to range between 18-35 years of age, it has become more acceptable for public courses to allow golfers to play music while out on the course. Make your time out on the course a bit more enjoyable with a wireless speaker. Portable speakers come in all sizes, including ones small enough to pump out the beats while fitting nicely into the cart cup holder. And as most speakers have waterproof capabilities, you’ll be able to jam out to “Tuesday’s Gone” – rain or shine!







Head Covers

Golf clubs range in price with some drivers costing upward to thousands of dollars. Protectors are critical to ensure longevity of clubs when off the course. A fun way that adds a bit of uniqueness to your golf bag is handcrafted leather golf head cover protectors. With different sizes available, you’ll be able to protect your drivers, fairway woods and putters, without questioning which bag is yours!











Nothing is more fun than gathering a few buddies together or attending a golf event and enjoying a few cold ones on the golf course. While it’s socially acceptable to cruise around the course after a few beers, getting behind the wheel after a few too many is not. For everyone’s safety, before driving home, we recommend checking to be sure you didn’t have one too many wobbly pops and are able to travel home safely. At Legacy Branding Co. there are different breathalyzer devices that can help test alcohol levels. One quick blow and you’ll be able to know if you got the green light to travel home or will need to call for a safe ride home.

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