Make Travel a Breeze for your Mobile Teams!

In the midst of the Work-from-Home and hybrid working trends, it’s crucial not to overlook the classic “forgotten” work style of the traveling sales agent. These hard working, no office, on the road hustlers need motivation and corporate comradery the most. Let’s dive into how we can ensure they’re not only well-equipped but also motivated to represent their brands with top-notch swag initiatives. Life on the road can be demanding, both mentally and physically. Different beds, time zones, and power outlets can throw anyone off their game. That’s where branded accessories come in—gear that not only keeps them connected but also boosts their morale, making those travel days a breeze.


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Travel Accessories:


Universal Power Adapters

Take the Strideline travel power adapter, for example—ideal for the globetrotter. It works in over 150 countries and charges up to 5 devices simultaneously, from your MacBook to your AirPods, ensuring you stay powered up wherever business takes you.



A Travel Power adaptor featuring the Legacy Logo in front of a scene of the Eiffel Tower from a plane seat.

AirTag Holders

No more lost luggage woes with AZX’s custom AirTag holders. With an AirTag in place you will know exactly where your luggage is so that you stay on track even when the airline doesn’t. They also make your bag easy to spot amidst a sea of black carry-ons, getting you out of the luggage line and on the road stress free.



An assortment of Airtag holders of different colours featuring the Legacy Branding Icon logo.


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Maintaining sanity during long road trips is no small feat. Establishing routine amid back-to-back meetings and endless travel days is key to keeping a sense of normalcy. For many travelers, that begins with a solid morning ritual. Equip them to start their days right.


Wellness Items:


Hanging Toiletry Bag

Projekt’s kit simplifies grooming on the go, offering ample compartments to dodge the hotel shampoo lottery. Stay organized and freshen up effortlessly with these travel-friendly kits.


The Projekt Loo 2.0 Toiletry bag featured on a wood and brick background.


Portable Blender

For health-conscious professionals, BLENDi’s compact, battery-powered blender is a game-changer. Whip up your morning smoothie on the move—it handles everything from ice to frozen fruit with ease, offering 5 minutes of blending power per charge.


The Blendi portable blender featured on a kitchen island. Decorated with the Legacy Branding Co. logos.



When selecting promotional products, prioritize items that resonate with the needs and preferences of traveling professionals. Practical, compact, and travel-friendly gear not only enhances their experience but also boosts brand visibility in every corner of the globe. Remember Legacy is your partner for all HR needs for promotional products in Alberta.



Build a Brand, Leave a Legacy



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